Grunty Fen Church News

Welcome to The Grunty Fen Group of Churches new web site.

The site is currently undergoing
development, but we expect to make good progress over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we felt that it
was helpful for us to get basic contact information on the site as soon as
possible, and as we complete pages, they too will be published.

There will be links, not only to the churches in our group, but also to other organisations, to make the site a good source of information.

Grunty Fen Group of Churches update their websites

Over the next weeks and months the churches in the Grunty Fen Group of Churches will be replacing their web sites with totally new sites. These new sites will help all the churches in the group reach out to new generations of people.

They will not only help us to explain who we are and what we believe, but also help to explain to people new to the churches how their lives could be benefit from being a part of our congregations.

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